March 17. 2017 Datacide Release Talk in Vetomat

The editorial staff of the datacide magazinefor noise and poltics – makes a little open release talk about its newest issue in the vetomat association rooms for arts and culture, a silkscreenprinting workshop place in berlin friedrichshain.
The publishers speech, publishing talk, is to be held in english language.

17. march 2017
datacide release talk
in vetomat
doors 7pm
start 8pm
talk 9pm
open debate 10pm
pub bar 11pm
open end

Datacide meets Politsalon @ Vetomat
Wühlischstr. 42
10245 Bln

The Vetomat needs donations for a well new “Schallisolation” (so called “Lärmschutz” Dämmung) and other teknixal stuff
so come along and give sth for good reason

friends of datacide and praxis records are very welcome




Datacide date shifted 2.17. -> 3.17.

The Datacide release shifted and so the date of the talk at the 17. also has to be shifted into march.
So the new date is: 17. march 2017
Datacide release in Vetomat…alk-in-vetomat/